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3Vision’s Jack Davison on US studios’ shifting licensing approaches

Today, we hear from Jack Davison, executive VP of 3Vision, about the US studios’ changing approach to licensing and trends to look out for at this year’s LA Screenings as international buyers recalibrate their American programming requirements.

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The US studios returned to third party licensing at last year’s LA Screenings following a period of withholding TV shows and movies for their own direct-to-consumer services.

The shift was prompted by a renewed focus on profitability, with heavy investment in streaming having taken its toll and post-Covid market contraction leading to a squeeze in content budgets.

But in the interim, overseas broadcasters who previously made American programming core to their offerings, were forced to go elsewhere, while audiences have at the same time become keener on non-US fare.

3Vision executive VP Jack Davison tracks these trends and others on behalf of the UK research firm, and spoke to Jonathan Webdale about them, as well as developments he’s keeping an eye out for at this year’s LA Screenings, including future of Paramount Global.

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