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108 Media teams with Simon Uttley and Neil Marshall for supernatural action series

Supernatural action series Nightshade

London- and Singapore-based content investment studio 108 Media is financing, co-developing and producing a supernatural action series with showrunners Simon Uttley and Neil Marshall.

Nightshade (6×60′) is set in a bustling 18th century English port city where an outcast hero of British-Indian heritage transforms herself into a defiant masked outlaw avenger to rescue her brother from an underworld of werewolves, demons, warlocks and other evil creatures.

Marshall, who has worked on hits such as Dog Soldiers, The Descent, Hellboy, Game of Thrones and Westworld as a writer/director in the past two decades, will direct the pilot to series.

Joining Marshall and Uttley as executive producers on the show will be 108 Media’s Abhi Rastogi, Justin Deimen, and Rod Smith.

It comes after 108 Media recently struck a co-financing deal with BritBox International on Inspector Singh (3×60′), which is due to go into production in January.

Marshall said: “Make no mistake about it, this will be a Neil Marshall show through and through. When it’s scary, and it will be, often, then it will be very scary. When it’s necessary to be violent, it will be violent. Every punch will land hard and break bones, and every sword thrust will cut and sting.”

Co-showrunner Uttley, who conceptualised the world-building with Marshall and will co-write the series, added: “This is a character and a world we’ve dreamed of exploring. Nightshade is adventure, heroism, horror, action, mystery and mythology.”

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