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New fund calls for post-Covid projects

A media fund has been set up to invest in commercial English-language TV series to take advantage of potential opportunities in a post-Covid-19 world.

Samahoma Media Advisors has been appointed investment advisor to the Insight Media Fund and is open to hearing from rights owners with “strong ideas” looking for debt or equity funding between £50,000 (US$63,000) and £300,000.

As well as TV projects, the Insight Media Fund is also looking to invest in films, computer games, eSports, live music and theatre and other live event projects.

It has raised £1.5m since the start of 2020 and five projects have so far been funded, spanning feature films and a virtual reality location-based public entertainment project.

It describes its selection criteria as “highly focused,” stating it will only invest in production-ready projects in commercially strong sectors where it can begin to generate returns within 12 months.

The fund is being run by a team with expertise in the media and entertainment industry, including Bob Clarke, CEO of Samahoma Media Advisors, who advised Chernin Entertainment’s Otter Media on branding its OTT platforms.

Hollywood and other traditional sources of content are increasingly focused on making fewer, high-cost, high-risk ‘tentpole’ projects, leaving a gap in the market for more cost-effective, independent projects that can be relatively quick to market, according to the advisors.

Clarke said: “The virus has condensed 10 years of media sector production, distribution and consumption behaviours and evolution into 10 weeks. In doing so it has created a level playing field for smart people with new ideas and lean ways of working to compete with established leviathans across the sector.

“All they lack is the money to allow their ideas to cut through. Insight Media Fund has been established to back this kind of positive disruption and it is our job to pick potential winners for them, where we can– regardless of their track record or status pre-virus.”

Joseph Kelly, director of Insight Media Fund, added: “We can contribute to revitalising parts of the media sector industry whilst generating our target returns for investors by backing smart people and projects in parts of it which have experienced strong, sustained and, in some cases, record growth over the last 10 years.”

“We rely on Samahoma Media Advisors to help us make our choice of who and what to back. More and better content of all kinds – which may not otherwise have seen the light of day – can only be a good thing for everyone.”


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