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Neptuno takes high-school kids to Cartoon

Spanish animation house Neptuno Films will debut a new project aimed at 6-11 year-olds at Cartoon Forum next month.

Strokkers, which follows four high-school students who are abducted by an alien space ship, is the brainchild of Connie the Cow creator Josep Viciana and currently comprises a trailer and a bible.

The show, which is 2D animation with 3D elements, is a homage to B-movie superheroes like Batman and Flash Gordon, said Neptuno's managing director Cristina Brandner. Experiments on the students' brains by the aliens cause their powers to be either inverted or enhanced.

Strokkers is currently tagged as a 26' series but Neptuno's director of international operations Roberto Mitrani emphasised that there is the option to make it 13'.

The company currently has letters of interest from Spanish public broadcaster RTVE, Germany's RRS Entertainment and Holland's Telescreen Distribution and Licensing.

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