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NBC to adapt Amazon drama

Little Coincidences (Pequeñas Coincidencias)

US network NBC is adapting a Spanish romantic comedy that premiered on SVoD service Amazon Prime Video internationally.

NBC and Universal Studios will pilot single-camera project Someone Out There, based on 2018 series Little Coincidences (Pequeñas Coincidencias).

The show follows the relationship between a woman in her late 30s who is reluctant to settle down with a partner and a 40-year-old bachelor who enjoys his hedonistic life as a food critic.

The original series, a coproduction with Atresmedia Studios, MedioLimón and Onza Entertainment, premiered on Amazon before airing on Atresmedia Televisión in Spain. It is currently in its second season.

NBC acquired the adaptation rights from Onza Distribution, distributor of the Spanish original. Little Coincidences has also been sold to Russia, the Baltics, Finland, France and to Amazon for several territories.

The show’s creator, Javier Veiga, is among the executive producers of the US adaptation, alongside Dylan Morgan (The Good Place), Emiliano Calemzuk and Gonzalo Sagardía.

Sagardía, Onza’s entertainment executive producer, said: “We believe this is a format that has great international options and has a widely universal concept – the search for love and the parenthood instinct.”


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