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Nat Geo prepares to Drain the Oceans

Drain The Oceans will premiere this year on Nat Geo in 172 countries

Factual broadcaster National Geographic has greenlit a 10-part series that will use underwater scanning technology to ‘drain’ the world’s oceans to see what lies beneath.

Drain The Oceans (10×60’) is a coproduction from Mallinson Sadler Productions in the UK and Australia’s Electric Pictures.

The series will combine scientific data with state-of-the-art reconstructions to examine shipwrecks, sunken cities, geology and technology on the floor of lakes, seas and oceans around the world.

The show is an international commission from Hamish Mykura’s team in London and will premiere later this year on Nat Geo in 172 countries and in 43 languages.

Mykura, executive VP and head of international content for Nat Geo, said: “We had several successful stand-alone Drain The Oceans specials that, one after the other, resonated with audiences all over the world, so we’re very proud to be diving into a full-series commitment.

Crispin Sadler and Mark Fielder will executive produce for Mallinson Sadler with Phil Craig, Andrew Ogilvie and Andrea Quesnelle filling the role for Electric Pictures. Carolyn Payne is executive producer for Nat Geo.

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