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Mediatrade picks up Sesame Workshop toon

MIP NEWS – Italy’s largest commercial broadcaster Mediatrade has picked up an Italian licence for Sesame Workshop’s 65×5′ pre-school cgi series Tiny Planets.

The show, co-produced with the UK’s Pepper’s Ghost Productions, follows two fluffy aliens who bounce around the universe on a sofa.

{Mediatrade understands and appreciates the value of a series that keeps children engaged on-screen,{ said Jennifer Chrein, Sesame Workshop’s vp of international TV distribution.

Mediatrade has not yet announced a broadcast date.

The show has so far been sold in Australia, Canada, Pan Lat-Am, Mexico, Korea, Malaysia, Israel and Iceland.

In other news, Sesame Workshop has commissioned Italian production outfit Misseri Studios to produce seven minutes of animation for the new season of Sesame Street, as well as five minutes for the international library. The Italian studio will use three techniques: claymation, paper animation and sand animation.


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