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Mediacorp merges family channels

Singapore-based broadcaster Mediacorp is merging two of its English-language channels to create one family-focused network.

The company is bringing together Channel 5 and Okto into one network, named Channel 5, from May 1.

The new Channel 5 will combine the best content from both networks as well as new commissions. Mediacorp said its Okto kids’ brand would continue to have a presence on its digital entertainment service, Toggle, with content from the network also airing on the merged channel.

Sapna Angural, English audience head at Mediacorp, said: “Mediacorp is home to content that brings Singaporean families together. Our audiences straddle between the online and offline worlds and, for us, this means consistently delivering high-quality content for the whole family, on television and digitally.”

Mediacorp’s sports programming will be carried across platforms. For major sporting events like the Olympics, the World Cup and the SEA Games, audiences will continue to be able to access coverage and programme highlights on television and Toggle.


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