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Karga maps series for Discovery, Science

US cablenets Discovery and Science Channel have greenlit a series that uses historical maps to solve mysteries of ancient relics, mythical cities and buried treasure.

Red Arrow-owned US prodco Karga Seven Productions is working on Uncharted (working title), which focuses on the work of urban explorer Justin Fornal who uses maps and high-tech imaging to investigate myths and legends that have remained elusive to others.

Among the stories Fornal will attempt to solve are the legend of a treasure ship buried in the middle of a California desert, and the question of whether the Knights Templar secretly brought their treasure to the New World a century before Christopher Columbus’s voyage to America.

The series will premiere in the fourth quarter of this year. The executive producers for Karga Seven are Kelly Mcpherson, Sarah Wetherbee, Emre Sahin and Jason Wolf, with Johnny Fountain as co-executive producer. Executive producer for Discovery and Science Channel is Neil Laird.


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