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Kanal D scores South American sales

Broadcasters in South America have acquired dramas from the international arm of Turkish broadcaster Kanal D.

Bidding Farewell

Bolivian commercial network Red Uno has acquired Bidding Farewell, marking the first deal between the broadcaster and Kanal D International.

Meanwhile, Forbidden Love has been picked up by Bandeirantes in Brazil and Wounded Love and Time Goes By have been taken by Uruguay’s Canal 10.

Kanal D, part of Dogan Media Group, recently sealed a coproduction deal with Chile’s Mega and is also looking to expand its operations in Latin America.

This came after Kanal D International opened a coproduction division and hired a former Endemol Shine executive to lead it.

The deals continue the trend for Latin networks shipping in Turkish drama series, something that started when Turkish titles including Fatmagül, Kara Para Aşk, Sila and 1001 Nights became hits on Mega TV in Chile.

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