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Jelly set for China

A Chinese broadcaster has picked up episodes of 3D CGI show Jelly Jamm, produced by Spanish prodco Vodka Capital.

Beijing-based Ciwen Media Group has acquired the animated series and will launch it in China in 2014.

The deal was brokered by Union Media, the international distribution business founded in 2012 by Adam Selly, and follows the toon’s sale to Turner Broadcasting Asia this week.

Sean Chu, VP of Ciwen Kids and Rights division, said: “Ciwen Media Group intends to take the lead in China for introducing classic animation properties to Chinese kids and their families.

“Our approach is to take exciting and engaging series like Jelly Jamm and distribute them across China through the traditional channels such as broadcast, DVDs, print publishing, toys, apparel and accessories, but also through emerging digital platforms such as IPTV, VoD, e-publishing and content for mobile devices and tablets.”

Jelly Jamm follows the adventures of five wacky friends on a magical, musical planet and launched internationally in 2011.






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