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Insight TV powers up martial arts

Power &…Martial Arts is produced by KIEM

Ultra-high-definition broadcaster Insight TV has commissioned a series that delves into the lives and careers of martial arts experts.

Power &…Martial Arts (22×12′), which follows on from Power &…Extreme Athletes and Power &…Tech, will document the victories, defeats and struggles of the fighters.

The show is being produced by KIEM and will focus on how the athletes live day-to-day and their routines in the run-up to fights.

“Power &…Martial Arts gets under the skin of how these incredibly talented people from all walks of life dedicate every ounce of their being to achieving their goals,” said Arun Maljaars, director of content and channels at Insight TV.

Earlier this month Insight TV strengthened its US presence by launching its 24-hour channel on cable company RCN Corporation’s digital pay TV service.


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