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Insight TV added to RCN

Droners is among Insight TV’s latest UHD shows

Ultra-high-definition (UHD) broadcaster Insight TV has strengthened its US presence by launching its 24-hour channel on cable company RCN Corporation’s digital pay TV service.

Insight TV has joined a suite of seven UHD channels on RCN, which began rolling out UHD-ready set-top boxes to subscribers last year.

Under the arrangement, audiences will now be able to access Insight’s action, adventure and lifestyle programming including new series Droners, Drive Tribes and City Beats.

“We’re partnering with the world’s leading distribution providers to ensure that our 4K UHD content is delivered globally,” said Angela Borrillo, VP of business and legal affairs at Insight TV. “We seek to connect audiences with exciting stories based on topics that are trending around the world.”



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