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Gaumont preps Mexican music drama

Hari Sama (left) and Max Zunino

French prodco Gaumont is developing a Spanish-language drama series that chronicles the peak of the Rock en Español movement during the turbulent mid-90s in Mexico City.

Created by Max Zunino and Hari Sama, who will co-write the series, Los Últimos Análogos follows a foreign music executive who arrives in Mexico City to head the A&R rock division at a record label.

What begins as an escape from her past becomes an opportunity to rebuild her life and capitalise on the Rock en Español movement that’s simmering in Mexico City’s underground scene.

With her keen eye and ear for talent, she discovers a transcendent young band and guides them through the treacherous path to stardom, a journey that also forces her to face her darkest demons.

“Los Últimos Análogos is a personal and joyous journey to a time that I lived intensely and was surrounded by music, yet it also allows me to perform an urgent revision of issues like homophobia, sexism, my own addiction to drugs and how our search for happiness is driving us crazy,” said Sama, who is attached to direct.

Zunino added: “Los Últimos Análogos represents an explosive and melancholic stamp on the 90s, the time of my own coming of age, and incidentally it serves as a personal exploration that helps me follow the footprints of my past and those of my generation.”


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