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Further YouTube controversy ‘inevitable’

ANNECY: The CEO of a company that specialises in distributing content for online video creators believes YouTube will continue to face controversies over inappropriate content on the platform.

Adam Rumanek

The Google-owned video site has faced widespread criticism in recent years for failing to protect children from viewing harmful content, and in 2017 pledged to hire thousands of new moderators for both its main platform and YouTube Kids.

However, the problem has persisted, with one of the most recent scandals resulting in it removing comment sections from channels featuring children after predatory comments were being posted on videos of kids.

Adam Rumanek, CEO of Toronto-based Aux Mode, told delegates here at the International Animation Film Festival & Market in Annecy, France, that YouTube would continue to face controversies due to the sheer size of the platform.

“I’ve been on YouTube for a pretty long time. It’s going to happen again. We used to think a billion views a month was a lot; now we think 10 billion is a lot. There are over 10,000 YouTubers with more than a million subscribers. That’s a huge audience that one person can control,” said Rumanek.

YouTube has grown to become one of the most popular places online for children to view content, with many established distributors, producers and broadcasters using the platform to reach kids.

Entrepreneur, author and internet programmer Rumanek added that because of the platform’s popularity, there would always be a conflict in that companies want to take advantage of the huge audience potential of YouTube while also needing to protect their brands.

Aux Mode specialises in protecting, reporting and monetising IP on YouTube, as well as digital content strategy and online video distribution on YouTube and other platforms. It claims to work with more than 1,750 creator channels and IP holders worldwide.



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