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Fullscreen to shutter SVoD service

Fullscreen Media in the US is shutting down its subscription VoD service just under two years after launching it.

The service, which cost US$6 per month and featured original programming from social media stars such as Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart, will go dark in January 2018.

Fullscreen launched the platform in April 2016 targeting 13- to 30-year-old viewers used to watching content on YouTube and SVoD services such as Netflix.

The company also offers management and consulting services to social media creators, produces branded content and owns the studio Rooster Teeth.

Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos said in a memo to staff that shutting down the SVoD service would allow it to focus on these areas more effectively.

“We came to the conclusion that funding SVoD — a longer-term investment — was limiting our ability to invest in our Creator, Brand, and Rooster Teeth divisions that have more established scale and immediate impact,” said Strompolos. The closure will also result in the company laying off 25 employees, according to US reports.

Fullscreen is owned by Otter Media, a joint venture between the Chernin Group and AT&T. Otter Media is also behind Ellation, which operates the niche SVoD service VRV.

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