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Fuji TV meets CJ ENM’s Familiar Wife

The original Familiar Wife

Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV is working on a local version of South Korean drama Familiar Wife after acquiring adaptation rights from CJ ENM.

The romantic drama originally aired on CJ ENM’s tvN channel in 2018. The 11-episode Japanese version will premiere in the 22.00 slot on Fuji TV on Thursdays beginning next January.

The drama is a feel-good love story that follows the life of a man who is unhappy with his marriage to his aggressive wife. When he gets the chance to live his life again, he marries his first lover, but then becomes torn when his former wife reappears as his co-worker.

Min Jung, sales manager for Japan at CJ ENM, said: “Marriage is a universal subject. The originality and heartfelt story of the series will attract Japanese viewers.”

Moonjoo Jo, producer of the original drama, added: “This story started off from something anybody could have dreamed about. The story is well relatable for anyone and it enlightens that what we have right now is valuable. I am glad that the story will meet Japanese fans as well.”



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