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French trio plant prodco Taleseed

L-R: Hugues Laigneau, Valérie Billaut and Stéphane Cadoch

A trio of French executives from local broadcasters Canal+, TF1 and M6 have launched a Paris-based production company focusing on series, films and documentaries.

Taleseed has been co-founded by CEO Valérie Billaut, who spent 20 years at Canal+ and M6, Stéphane Cadoch, who spent 10 years at TF1, and Hugues Laigneau, also a former exec at TF1.

The company will coproduce and distribute premium scripted and unscripted TV shows, feature films and digital content for video streaming platforms, traditional broadcasters and social media, targeting the French and international markets.

It is also looking to offer independent producers and writers a support network to help finance, produce and distribute their stories, with “a unique digital platform” in the pipeline to provide this service.

Taleseed is the first production company to join Station F, described as the world’s largest start-up campus, situated in the south-east of Paris.



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