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French indie to adapt HBO Lat Am drama

Deeply Superficial, the French indie launched last year by former Shine France founder and CEO Thierry Lachkar, has acquired an Argentine crime drama from HBO Latin America for adaptation.

Thierry Lachkar

The company will adapt 13-part crime drama Epitafios for the French- and English-speaking markets with French director Olivier Megaton.

The original miniseries is produced by HBO Latin America in Argentina. Its plot follows a series of logic-defying homicides that unite a pair of detectives as they embark on a quest to stop a killer.

Deeply Superficial CEO Lachkar said : “It’s an honour to team up with HBO and Olivier Megaton and work on such a series as Epitafios for American, English and French audiences. We loved the many-sidedness of the topics and I look forward to giving a new life to this amazing series to bring it into today’s world.”


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