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Frederator picks up Lat Am toon

Frederator, the multi-channel network founded by former Cartoon Network exec Fred Seibert, is searching for more international series after picking up its first foreign-language toon.

Seibert’s Channel Frederator Network has acquired worldwide distribution rights to the 18-part Spanish-language cartoon series Fin Punch!, from Chilean firm Marmota Studio.

The online network has translated the series into English and has begun hosting it on its Cartoon Hangover channel on YouTube, with two new episodes arriving each week.

The deal comes as the network promises to “look further” into global markets for irreverent, creator-driven animation, which it will then translate for an English-speaking audience.

Created by Matías Latorre, Fin Punch! follows an odd, charismatic dolphin and narwhal whose conflicting philosophies interfere with their attempts to conquer humankind.

“There are no borders that define the best animation in the world and we will continue to search across the globe for programming that we think will appeal to our audience,” said Fred Seibert, head of Frederator Studios.

“The approach we’re taking with Fin Punch! is based on a standard broadcast distribution strategy, something that I think can work well for our network as we move forward.”

Channel Frederator Network claims to have a combined subscriber base of 14,850,000, with 719 million views of its animated content to date.

Its animated channels include David Firth’s Salad Fingers, FlashFacilitoChips, Domics, FlyingPanda1990, Sam Green Media, Cyber Toons, and Lee Hardcastle.









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