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Fox and Henson to revive the Muppets

Jim Henson Television is to reinvent 1970s kids' series The Muppet Show for US entertainment channel Fox in a bid to {bring it up to speed with the 21st century.{

The new series, being made with Austin Powers producer Team Todd, will feature new characters, new music and a new-look for familiar faces such as Kermit and Miss Piggy.

The original series was in production between 1976 and 1981. The new run has been given a prime time slot by Fox, and is expected to be on air early next year.

The project will be overseen by Jim Henson TV's vice president of creative affairs Ruth Caruso, and Team Todd vice president of television JJ Klein.

The new series has not yet been sold to overseas broadcasters. European and UK distribution is being overseen by Jim Henson UK President, Angus Fletcher.

Fox entertainment president Gail Berman said: {The Muppets have made us laugh for over 25 years, and Fox is looking forward to bringing this all-new look at the franchise to our viewers.{

Jim Henson Television President Juliet Blake said: {The Todds' track record makes them the perfect partners for our much-loved Muppet franchise.{ Team Todd's production credits include Memento, both Austin Powers movies, and the up-coming second sequel, Austin Powers 3.

A Jim Henson spokesman added: {The new series will bring the Muppets into the 21st century. There will be new music, new characters, Kermit will have a suit and Miss Piggy is going to get a new haircut – one just like Jennifer Aniston.{


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