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Authors have always provided insights for the entertainment community, influencing and inspiring producers, directors, screenwriters, technicians and artists to create original, memorable, content for audiences of all ages.
Screenomi is a day of conversations with published authors across science, fashion, war, biography, kids, comedy, sex and crime – looking at the world through a literary lens to share fresh perspectives from the page to the stage and screen.
Storytelling is the big theme of the day, beginning with a masterclass from Will Storr (Selfie, The Science of Storytelling) and attendees will get original, memorable, insights from top chefs, war veterans, world-record breakers, biographers, (former) sex-workers, historians, comedians, fashion experts and best-selling writers and adapters of world-famous fiction and nion-fiction.
Featured contributors: Stewart Lee (Content Provider, March of the Lemmings), Dean Stott (Relentless), Dr Shahidha Bari (Dressed, The Secret Life of Clothes), Cash Carraway (Skint Estate), Bosh Brothers (How to Live Vegan), hosted by Hannah Griffiths (All3Media), Viv Groskop (The Anna Kerenina Fix, How to Own The Room), and Richard Kilgarriff (Bookomi).


Friday 6 December

  • 08:00 AM
    Kings Place

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  • 08:30 AM
    Kings Place

    Books for Breakfast

    BOOKS FOR (VEGAN) BREAKFAST with the Bosh Brothers. Britain’s best-selling authors of a vegan cook book have designed a special dish for Content London and are here to discuss how food tells us a lot about who we are.

    Henry Firth
    BOSH! TV

    Ian Theasby
    BOSH! TV
  • 09:30 AM
    Kings Place

    The Science Of… Storytelling

    THE SCIENCE OF STORYTELLING with Will Storr and leading practitioners of crime stories for prime-time TV. Will runs the UK’s most popular storytelling courses and workshops for The Guardian and Faber Academy.

    Will Storr
  • 10:15 AM
    Kings Place

    War Stories

    WAR STORIES with Dean Stott and Sonia Purnell. How does entertainment reflect the real grit and graft of the people who risk their life for others? The SAS and the SBS are a rich seam of creativity for books and screen but is there anything new to tell?

    Dean Stott
    Former Special Forces Operator and speaker

    Sonia Purnell
    Journalist and author
  • 11:00 AM
    Kings Place

    Funny Business

    FUNNY BUSINESS with Stewart Lee and Hannah Griffiths. The content providing, award-winning comedian who shifts between, stage and screen like the cat who doesn’t like cream – in conversation with one of the UK’s top literary scouts.

    Stewart Lee
    Comedian, writer and director

    Hannah Griffiths
    Head of literary aquisitions
    All3 Media
  • 12:15 PM
    Kings Place

    The Most Wanted

    THE MOST WANTED – Three new, rights free books are given to a panel of three tv critics who each make the case for bringing them to the screen. The audience then decides which author will win a day developing the story into a script outline with an independent producer.

  • 12:45 PM
    Kings Place


  • 02:00 PM
    Kings Place

    Authentic Voices

    AUTHENTIC VOICES with Cash Carraway and Viv Groskop; Does entertainment reflect the society it serves and where can we find the courage to present new voices on screen?

    Cash Carraway
    Playwright and author

    Viv Groskop
    Journalist, writer and comedian
  • 02:45 PM
    Kings Place

    The Language of Fashion

    THE LANGUAGE OF FASHION with Dr Shahidha Bari ; The professor of fashion history and cultures looks at the costumes that tell a character’s story on the stage, screen and street, with a special look at the fashion of Killing Eve.

    Dr Shahidha Bari
    Professor of fashion cultures
    London College of Fashion
  • 03:30 PM
    Kings Place

    The History of Us

    THE HISTORY OF US a bestselling novelist and a leading historian discuss how, why and if human relationships have changed throughout the ages, looking at sex, families, death and work as a seemingly endless source of fascination for readers and audiences all over the world.