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Drama Awards 2019

Euro nets fly with bird toon

Broadcasters in Norway, Estonia, Croatia, Slovakia and Latvia have acquired a non-dialogue animated preschool series coproduced by Finnish animation house Sun in Eye Productions.

TV2 in Norway, ERR in Estonia, HRT in Croatia, RTVS in Slovakia and Public Latvian Television have all pre-bought Pikkuli (26×5′), which previously went under the title Lil’ Birdie.

The series is based on the novels Lenna Pikkuli, Lenna by author Metsämarja Aittokoski and illustrated by Elli Vuorinen.

The show is a coproduction between Sun in Eye Productions and GSW Animation in Jamaica, while Ireland’s Monster Entertainment holds distribution rights.

YLE pre-bought the show, which follows a little bird who doesn’t want to learn to fly and so instead hops around like a chicken, last year, as revealed by C21.

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