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Entrepreneur invests $1.39m in VR

The chairman of UK-based prodco Infinity Creative Media, Dr Johnny Hon, has invested £1m (US$1.4m) in a virtual reality (VR) entertainment firm.

Johnny Hon

Johnny Hon

Gate Ventures, of which entrepreneur Hon is also chairman, will now hold a 61% stake in Infinity House Productions.

The latter was founded by television producer Rosemary Reed with Corrina McCann in 2014 and is the parent company of Infinity 360° VR.

VR involves wearing a headset that simulates a 360° physical presence, thus creating the illusion of being embedded in the filmed environment.

Infinity 360° VR uses the latest virtual reality technology to create immersive multimedia content and supplies content to Facebook-owned Oculus.

This includes the series Living the Life, starring David Beckham, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lord Archer and others.

The company says it is also currently in discussions with distributors, including Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung, to provide distribution and promotion on their respective platforms.

“Modern technology can make sci-fi dreams reality and open up new experiences, new places and a new world to people around the globe,” said Hon.

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