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Duchess Street walks to Greenham

Walking to Greenham was first published in 2006

UK prodco Duchess Street Productions has secured the rights to adapt Ann Pettitt’s memoir Walking to Greenham for TV.

Walking to Greenham is an account of the 1981 Women’s March to Greenham in Berkshire, led by Pettitt, to protest against the British government’s decision to store nuclear weapons at Greenham Common during the Cold War.

Pettitt and 39 other women began the 120-mile walk from Cardiff Town Hall to Greenham Military Base in August 1981. They were joined by other protesters along the way, reaching a peak of 70,000 people over the course of the 10-day march. After arriving at the base, women began to camp there to continue the protest.

The protest helped gain support internationally for nuclear disarmament and inspired peace camps all over the world.

“I wrote this book because I wanted to tell the story of how a small group of ordinary women set out to alert the public and politicians to the terrifying danger of nuclear war. They succeeded in doing this,” said Pettitt.

Walking to Greenham will be adapted for the screen by Daisy Coulam (Grantchester, Humans, Deepwater Fell).

Executive Producer Donna Wiffen said: “What Ann Pettitt and the women of the Greenham Common peace movement did was utterly remarkable. In the wake of the recent Extinction Rebellion and climate change protests, what history has taught us is that we can never underestimate the power of our collective voices.”

Drama-focused Duchess Street is part of The Anthology Group of production companies, formed by a restructure and rebrand of UK media and entertainment company Bob & Co in 2018.


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