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Drive picks up Australia on Fire doc

Australia on Fire: Climate Emergency looks at the long-term impact of the wildfires

UK-based distributor Drive has picked up stand-alone documentary Australia on Fire: Climate Emergency from ITN Productions for international distribution.

The hour-long doc traces the recent wildfires that ravaged Australia, killing up to a billion animals and affecting vast areas of land.

It includes first-hand accounts from the firefighters and rescue teams combating the unpredictable firestorms and features extraordinary drone footage to reveal the extent of the devastation.

Channel 4 News reporter Kylie Morris examines the long-term impacts of the fires on Australia’s diverse animal population and ecology and hears from those who only just escaped their burn

Australia on Fire: Climate Emergency is produced by UK-based ITN Productions and originally aired on local broadcaster Channel 4 in early February. It was directed by Ariel White and executive produced by George Waldrum.

Lilla Hurst, Drive’s co-MD, said: “Australia has been ravaged by some of the worst bushfires to hit the country in decades, causing widespread devastation to its human and wildlife populations. The story of the battle against these apocalyptic infernos is an important one to tell, and we are in no doubt this landmark film will be of strong interest to buyers across the world.”


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