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Drama Quarterly is for and about the international business of drama.


From interviews with showrunners, writers, directors and on-screen talent to in-depth analysis of commissioning trends, project financing, digital strategy, market and sector reports – if you are interested in drama, DQ is for you.

DQ online provides regular summaries of what’s happening around the drama world, while @DQDaily on Twitter stays abreast of the latest buzz.

The DQ print and iPad editions publish four times a year and enjoy broad distribution at all relevant festivals and events and also on the newsstands in major entertainment cities including London, New York, Paris, Toronto and Los Angeles.


There has never been a more exciting time in drama, for creators, financiers, broadcasters and, most importantly, viewers. DQ brings perspective and further understanding to this renaissance business.


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Mechanical Specifications
Full page trim: 240mm wide by 320mm high
Full page with bleed:
246mm wide by 326mm high
Front cover trim: 240mm wide by 238mm high
Front cover with bleed:
246mm wide by 244mm high
DPS trim: 480mm wide by 320mm high
DPS with bleed:
486mm wide by 326mm high
Half page horizontal type area only: 215mm wide by 145mm high
For more information contact:
C21Media +44 (0) 20 7729 7460