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Distribution360 factual travels globe

Blown Away has been picked up by Bell Media

Broadcasters in Canada, the US, China, Hong Kong, Slovakia and Russia have picked up a raft of factual titles from Toronto-based Distribution360 (D360).

In Canada, Bell Media has licensed Netflix original Blown Away for its French-language channel Z-Tele. The 10×30′ glass-blowing competition series was created and produced by D360’s parent company, Marblemedia.

Also in Canada, Rogers Media/SCN has taken Innovation Nation (6×30′). Produced by Partners in Motion, the series looks at scientific discoveries from around the world.

In the US, Court TV Mystery has picked up true crime series Crime Stories (76×60′) and one-off doc 13 Seconds: The Kent State Shootings, which chronicles the events of an anti-war protest in Ohio in 1970. Both titles were produced by Partners in Motion.

Meanwhile, Vobile in China has acquired 18 episodes of Crime Stories, as well as mystery series Legend Hunters (9×60′), paranormal show Terror in the Woods (8×60′), Britain’s Ultimate Pilots: Inside the RAF (4×60′) and Red Arrows – Inside the Bubble (1×60′).

The latter two titles come from Archie Productions, while Legend Hunters is from Partners in Motion and Terror in the Woods is from Wild Dreams Films.

Phoenix TV in Hong Kong, meanwhile, has acquired London’s Modern Buildings, a 5×30′ series from Zatzu Media.

In Europe, Slovakia’s Towercom has picked up season one of Flying Cork Media’s Tomorrow’s World Today (11×30′), which examines how pioneers are using technology to create a more sustainable society.

Russia’s Kontent has acquired Innovation Nation, while AG Rubin Group has picked up White Iron Pictures’ dog-training programme Puppy SOS (13×30′).

“Continued strong interest in true crime, paranormal and technology – particularly where it relates to future sustainability – has driven many of these new deals,” said Diane Rankin, senior VP of rights at D360.


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