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Disney, Netflix adopt talking pups

MIPCOM: Disney Channel in the US has ordered a live-action TV series featuring talking animals made by Air Bud Entertainment, while Netflix has taken a festive special from the producer.

Pup Star

Disney Channel has ordered a feature-length pilot plus 22×30′ episodes of Pup Academy, which will debut next summer.

The series follows a cast of talking canines as they attend a secret school where puppies become dogs by learning everything they’ll need to know about being man’s best friends.

It is created and executive produced by Anna McRoberts, and executive produced and directed by Robert Vince, CEO and founder of Air Bud Entertainment. It comes after the producer collaborated with Disney on projects such as the Air Bud franchise.

In addition to the launch of the Disney Channel TV series, Air Bud Entertainment is continuing its Pup Star franchise on Netflix with its fourth film, Puppy Star Christmas, debuting on November 20.

Air Bud is also developing a film and series featuring the basketball-playing Golden Retriever that began the Air Bud franchise 20 years ago.



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