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Creative Europe issues Brexit update

The European Union (EU)’s creative support programme has advised UK companies to continue applying for its funding following the latest extension of the Brexit deadline.

The UK, which can fully participate in Creative Europe until it leaves the EU, was last week granted an extension to Article 50 – which sets out the legal framework for a country’s exit from the union – until October 31.

Creative Europe has advised UK lead and partner organisations and other European partners to continue applications for the forthcoming Creative Europe funding calls, but to also be aware of what would happen in the event of the UK and the EU failing to agree a deal before that date.

The UK government last year reassured Creative Europe Desk UK that in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, it would underwrite the payments of awards for projects receiving funding from Creative Europe.

That remains the case, and the most up-to-date information about the delivery of the guarantee can be found on this UK government webpage.

Meanwhile, if a deal is struck then a transition period will begin on the date the UK leaves the EU, lasting until December 31 2020. Pending ratification, UK organisations will be able to apply for EU programme funding until this date. This includes UK participation in, and funding applications for, Creative Europe.

The UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has advised that, if a Brexit deal is secured, this means UK organisations can continue to apply for the forthcoming Creative Europe Media and Culture sub-programme calls.

UK organisations will also have exactly the same rights and obligations as other countries participating in the Creative Europe programme until the end of the current programme.

Successful Creative Europe applicants from the UK can receive funding until the end of their projects, even if they run beyond 2020.

The decision on whether the UK can participate in the next programme (2021–2027) will be taken as part of the future partnership negotiations with the EU.

Participation in Creative Europe is not restricted to EU member states, with 11 non-EU countries currently having either partial or full participation.

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