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Cosmos-Maya launches distribution arm

India and Singapore-based animation studio Cosmos-Maya is launching its own sales arm and will be seeking acquisitions for Asia Pacific at Mipcom.

Devdatta Potnis

WowKidz Distribution comes after Cosmos-Maya has grown into the Indian domestic animation production market, producing 50 half-hours a month to add to its existing content bank of 2,000 half-hours.

It has also been involved in numerous European coproductions, including Galactic Agency with Studio 100.

It will now aim to be “a one-stop shop for all distribution requirements of global animation content” and is seeking US, European and Chinese content to sell into local Asian markets.

The firm is seeking to leverage the extensive network of Emerald Media, the pan-Asian media investment platform backed by US private equity giant KKR, which has a controlling stake in Cosmos-Maya.

Devdatta Potnis, Cosmos-Maya’s senior VP of revenue and corporate strategy, is overseeing the initiative for the studio, with WowKidz Distribution consisting of a 10-member team.

“Our production might is one our biggest strengths as a studio and we have been distributing our own content successfully across APAC. Venturing further into the distribution arena with successful international brands through WowKidz Distribution was the next logical and synergistic business decision,” said Anish Mehta, CEO of Cosmos-Maya.

The firm also runs various YouTube channels under the umbrella brand WowKidz, featuring programming from the Cosmos-Maya catalogue as well as The Smurfs, Little Baby Bum and Chinese franchise Boonie Bears.

These channels cumulatively have a subscriber base of more than 30 million and a total view count of over 14 billion as of September 2019.


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