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Content Economics Research

Content Economics Research is a European market research and consulting company specialising in analysis and market size estimations of the television content production and distribution sector. Its most recent reports are: the acquired content/ TV distribution industry; the original commissioning market; and the made-for-broadband video industry.

Content Economics Research’s expert reports focus on estimating commercially sensitive data regarding revenues and investment in the television content production and distribution industry.The reports provide an in-depth analysis of the international business of TV content, including:

  • Spend and investment in the content market
  • Who the key players are in each territory
  • Market growth rates
  • Insight and intelligent strategic analysis into trends that are shaping the sector.

The data and analysis in the reports are based upon Content Economics Research’s proprietary internal databases, interviews with industry executives, as well as secondary research sources and the insight of our industry-experienced analysts.

Reports currently available for sale:

Report: Acquired content

This unique report analyses the trends and developments in the acquisition of television programming by European broadcasters. It includes an estimate of the amount spent by broadcasters on acquired content, split by country and by: American-produced, European-produced and ‘other’ territory-produced. Critical information for a TV distributor.

Report: Made for Broadband

This report analyses the nascent made-for-broadband (MFB) video – or web-series – industry in Europe and America, i.e. original video content created specifically for the internet. It provides strategic insight into the trends, developments and business models in the MFB industry. It also provides a forecast for 2009-13 of the estimated level of investment in producing MFB content in America and Europe.

Report: Original Commission

This ground-breaking report analyses the expenditure in original commission content by TV broadcasters across Europe, between 2008-12. It discusses the latest trends and developments in each country in addition to providing a market forecast of the amount invested in producing original commission content from 2008-12, by country. This never-before published data, should prove invaluable to TV production companies across Europe.

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