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C21 Drama Series Pitch finalists announced

C21 has announced the finalists for the 2018 Drama Series Pitch, with a long list of 21 projects selected and eight invited to pitch at Content London on November 27.

From approaching 100 submissions this year 21 projects have been successful in making the long list and will be showcased through the Content London networking portal ahead of and at the event.

The finalists from established drama creators worldwide are all bidding to attract additional finance and coproduction partners.

From the long list of 21 finalists eight projects have been selected to pitch at the International Drama Summit at Content London. They will be pitched in front of conference on Tuesday 27 November between 3pm and 4.30pm.

The winning project will be announced at The International Drama Awards, which take place from 7pm on Wednesday 28 November.

The eight shows selected to pitch are:

After Life
NL Film (The Netherlands)

In an attempt to defy death, an elderly female billionaire sets up an experiment to implant her memories into the stolen body of a thirty-year-old woman. When the young woman’s husband joins the experiment to try to rekindle his wife’s memories of him, a battle for the young woman’s mind ensues.
After Life is a high concept futuristisch drama series by NL FILM, the creators of TV and Film hits such as Penoza and The Resistance Banker. The Netherland's rising star, Shariff Korver (Fenix, Infiltrant) will direct this sophisticated, complex science fiction series fuelled by mystery and suspense.  The series set in the Netherlands in the 1950s and 2040 explores human behaviour and relationships, our universal fear of death and the relationship between body and soul.
How far will you go to win back the love of your life? If your mind could live forever by changing bodies, would you do that? And are you still ‘you’ if your memories live on in
another body?

Bad Apples
Fire Monkey (Finland)

Student activist Onerva (23) is committed to a controversial psychiatric program at a 1970s mental asylum in Finland. While fighting for her freedom, Onerva has to figure out whether she is a victim of a program designed to silence women – or whether she is actually insane.

Bad Apples is an 8-part serialized drama that takes place in a fictional mental asylum in the Helsinki archipelago. In 1973, a young, driven student activist is sent to the institute against her will. The authorities – and even her husband – paint Onerva as an aggressive troublemaker; Onerva sees herself as an idealist fighting for justice. Who’s in the right? While trying to maintain her sanity, Onerva investigates the reality behind the controversial treatment practices. Will she find out the truth before the institute’s mind-bending treatment breaks her?

Bad Apples creates an uneasy alternative history not far from the truth. The story is inspired by the Finnish island of Seili, which was used as a mental asylum for women until 1962. The series is driven by a core question: Were these women sent to the island to be silenced, or are they actually mentally ill? Are they rotten apples who need to be prevented from infecting healthy fruit?

LagardèreStudios (France)

A prime minister, a mother, must choose between the life of her daughter and the fate of a nation. When an act of sabotage shuts down a nuclear power plant, the country is plunged into darkness. The Prime Minister, the first woman to occupy this position, whose daughter has been kidnapped, receives the following message: "turn the lights back on and your daughter dies"... Borgen meets 24.

Happy Hour of the Wolf
Warner Bros. International TV Production Finland (Finland)
Couples counsellor Heta believes in love and relationships that are built on communication and knowing your partner inside and out. Divorce counsellor Tony believes in life after separation and that no one can truly know their significant other. It is an illusion and a major cause of divorces and consequent heartbreak.

Pot Luck
Kindle Entertainment (UK)

Based on the crime thriller novel - set in Weymouth, Dorset, Pot Luck is the story of two brothers who struggle to run a commercial crab fishing boat, the Kitty K, built by their now dead father.
They struggle, because of money, weather, dwindling catches, a messed-up one-sided boat mortgage and the fact that they are sick of the sight of each other.  Until one day, when out at sea they find a crab pot, snagged across their gear, stuffed to the gills with black hash.

Snow Angels
Happy Ending Film (Denmark)

Snow angels is a character driven crime drama mini series, that centers around the disappearance of Lukas, a five-week-old infant, and the investigation that follows when he is found frozen to death in his stroller at the cemetery. Who left him there? And why?

The story is set in Stockholm during a cold and snowy winter and it primarily focuses on the three female characters, that are all involved in or connected to the death of Lukas.

The Emerald Eye
Clipper Media (UK)

The Emerald Eye is a noir thriller based on the successful Inspector Pekkala book series by Sam Eastland, from producer John David Coles (House of Cards, The Sinner, Homeland) and writer Tom Williams (Kajaki). It is envisaged as an international coproduction in the English language.

The story is told through the eyes of the enigmatic Inspector Pekkala as he navigates an extraordinary moment in history which birthed the bloodiest of centuries: the collapse of Tsarist Russia and the rise of the Soviet regime.

Both Worlds (South Africa)

When terrorists pull off an audacious heist at one of the world’s largest stores of highly enriched uranium, and a representative of the International Atomic Energy Agency is brutally murdered, the world’s eyes are turned to Southern Africa and the threat of a dirty bomb. Mike Ndlovu, an ex ANC secret operative, turned jazz teacher, and Emma Fischer, a scientist working for an international disarmament NGO, are the best hope for solving the murder, and recovering the stolen uranium - and a forgotten nuclear warhead.

Unarmed reveals what happens when South Africa finally agrees to hand over its weapon-grade uranium stores, a legacy from the atomic bombs the apartheid regime made in defiance of UN sanctions, and thirty years of secrets get revealed.

Other finalists, making it into the top 21, and to be showcased online, are:

506 Grams of Ural
Aito Media (Finland)

A Family Matter
DR Drama (Denmark)

Fireworx Media (South Africa)

REinvent (Denmark)

All3Media (UK)

Sputnik Vostok Productions (Russia)

Christiana Gidas (Australia)

Paradise Entertainment (The Netherlands)

Lincoln TV (France)

Screen Invaders (Australia)

Shooting in All Directions
Quiddity Ltd (Israel)

Eyeworks TV (Belgium)

The New America
The Great Southern TV (New Zealand)

The Drama Series Pitch is part of The International Drama Summit at Content London.

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The multi-award winning Content London is made up of three standalone events: The International Drama Summit, The Unscripted Entertainment Forum and Kids Content Futures.

The International Drama Summit takes place on November 27/28/29, with Unscripted and Kids taking place on November 30.

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