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Tuesday 29 November 2016
Wednesday 30 November 2016
Thursday 1 December 2016
C21's FutureMedia takes place at Picturehouse Central in London on November 30 as part of Content London, our three-day celebration of the world's best entertainment. This year's event focuses on the art of storytelling in the digital age.

Virtual reality – or the idea of it – has been around in various guises for decades, even centuries according to some. But only in 2016 has it begun to go mainstream with the launch of mass-market headsets opening consumers' minds to the technology.

The potential for new forms of entertainment and storytelling is immense and investment has been flooding into VR as a result, in many instances led by a wide array of media companies.

C21's FutureMedia 2016 gathers together a variety of thought leaders in the space to offer a glimpse inside their minds and reveal why they believe it represents an entirely new narrative form.The event will also examine how the companies helping advance the careers of the internet's rising stars are pushing production values higher, creating content that's compelling for brands as well as fans and in some instances for which they can charge a premium.

The packed agenda will explore as well how the most innovative broadcasters and producers are using Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram to build audience and break storytelling boundaries, plus the fascinating world of eSports.

Now in its 18th year, C21's FutureMedia provides a road map for what happens next in the content business. Twenty one inspirational speakers deliver a vision of the future which nobody – from writers and producers to distributors and broadcasters – should miss out on.


FutureMedia 2016
Now in its 18th year C21's FutureMedia provides a road map for what happens next in the content business. Inspirational speakers deliver a vision of the future nobody in the content business should live without.