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Drama Awards 2019

Cineplex takes GRB’s Hostage

Thai broadcaster Cineplex has picked up two new shows including a factual series about hostage taking from producer and distributor GRB Entertainment.

Hostage: Do or Die (6×60) explores the ways criminals take innocent victims hostage and includes the story of a young woman who was held at gunpoint for 15 hours.

Cineplex has also added I Cloned My Pet (2×60′), which sees a group of dedicated animal lovers attempt to create exact copies of their pets using state-of-the-art cloning technology.

Elsewhere, Discovery Asia has picked up Inside West Coast Customs (2×60′) from GRB, while Korean network Dream n Company has added Titans to its slate.

GRB has also picked up distribution rights to football-themed My Beautiful Game (6×30′) from Fox, a new season of the successful Travel Channel destination series Top Travel (26×30′) and investigative paranormal series Portal to the Unknown (28×30′).

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