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Cinegroupe shoots What's With Andy?

Canada's Cinegroupe has begun production on What's With Andy (26×30'), a new animated series set to premiere on Teletoon in Canada and Fox Family in the US in Fall 2001.

Based on a series of books written by Andy Griffiths, the show chronicles the life of teenager Andy Larkin, a self-proclaimed master prankster whose goal is to be the greatest practical joker in the world.

Filmed primarily in traditional 2D animation, the series incorporates black-and-white storytelling segments, dubbed Doodle Vision.

Through this animation technique, the character Andy gives his own twisted take on events by freezing the action and explaining what's about to happen.

The series is being produced by CineGroupe's Michel Lemire (Kids from Room 402, Lion of Oz), directed by Tim Deacon (Lion of Oz) and art directed by Louyse Lambert (Kids From Room 402).


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