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Channel 5 revives 70s classic toon

The UK's Channel 5 has picked up all 30 five-minute episodes of 1970s cartoon Roobarb & Custard for its Shake kids block, after a deal with US indie outfit Green Dog Films.

Following the lead of Shake's high-ratings revival toons Dan Dare and Noddy, the first episode of Roobarb & Custard goes to air on Saturday March 22.

Produced in a unique jerky style by UK animator Bob Godfrey in 1974, Roobarb & Custard features the madcap adventures of a green dog and a pink cat.

{Shake's young viewers will love it and their mums and dads will wallow in nostalgia,{ said Channel 5 controller of kids programming Nick Wilson, about Shake's increasing use of 70s animation.

This trend has also seen the BBC revive Bill & Ben, Andy Pandy, Postman Pat and Fireman Sam. The latest vintage toon to see new life is 1970s action series Battle of the Planets.


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