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Cake, Dreamchaser shop Woozle & Pip

The Woozle & Pip Adventures

UK-based entertainment company Cake and Dutch prodco The Dreamchaser Company have teamed up to create a new animated series based on the Woozle & Pip franchise.

The two firms will pitch The Woozle & Pip Adventures (w/t) to buyers at Mipcom in Cannes next week.

The 52×11’ comedy-adventure series is for an upper preschool audience expands the original show’s cast with new characters who join best friends Woozle and Pip on their adventures.

The two companies coproduce the series, with The Dreamchaser Company owning the Woozle & Pip IP while Cake distributes it.

Based on the bestselling children’s book series by late Dutch author Guusje Nederhorst, Woozle & Pip has become a well-known preschool brand in Benelux and Germany after expanding into TV, music, toys, apps, a theatre show and a successful feature film.

Dreamchaser picked up the rights to the property in 2008, while Cake started distributing the original 52×5’ TV version, titled Woozle & Pip, in 2015.

The original series was based on the younger-skewing books but this reboot will age up and be based more on 2016 movie Woozle & Pip In Search of the Scallywagger!



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