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C5 wakes up to Britain’s Biggest Snorers

Viacom-owned UK terrestrial Channel 5 has commissioned a one-off documentary from UK prodco Firecracker Films which meets the country’s worst snorers.

Britain’s Biggest Snorer (working title, 1×90’) will take a humorous look at snoring and have participants film themselves at home. More than 6,500 people have already contacted Firecracker’s casting team to be part of the show.

The show will explore the causes of snoring and its remedies with expert advice and facts.

A team of experts will try to help the snorers with pioneering and peculiar treatments. The final six snorers and their partners will attend a “snoring camp,” where they will be filmed and monitored, leading to one receiving the title of Britain’s Biggest Snorer.

Firecracker Films, part of the Tinopolis group, produces Britain’s Biggest Snorer for Channel 5. Executive producers for Firecracker are Jes Wilkins and Fed Ruiz.

Passion Distribution, also part of the Tinopolis group, will distribute the show internationally and take it to Mipcom in October.

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