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  • In conversation with Luc Dionne
    In conversation with Luc Dionne

    In this creative conversation we hear from Dionne about how he has navigated his career and the lessons he’s learnt from over 25 years of experience. He discusses working across film and TV and what it means to be the solo writer for a daily drama show.

  • ACF Investment Bank's Thomas Dey on the trends shaping 2021
    ACF Investment Bank's Thomas Dey on the trends shaping 2021

    BEYOND 2020: ACF Investment Bank CEO and president Thomas Dey discusses how the pandemic, a surge in streaming and the Black Lives Matter movement have reshaped media and entertainment, and the ways these dynamics are informing future M&A activity in the sector.

  • Production and distribution models
    Production and distribution models

    Leading Quebec producers and distributors discuss how the production landscape is changing and how their business and content models are evolving to become more internationally focused. We also explore how Quebec stories and formats are resonating with the global business and audiences.

  • Filming in Quebec
    Filming in Quebec

    What makes Quebec a destination for international tv production? In this session we hear from leading executives about the key benefits of bringing production to Quebec and international coproduction relationships. We look at the financial incentives, locations, studio facilities and production services on offer and find out more about how the international business can benefit from working with Quebec.

  • Local digital platforms
    Local digital platforms, Crave and Club Illico discuss their local digital platforms which are successfully reaching large domestic audiences. We hear about their distinct USP’s, business models, content strategies and opportunities for collaboration with the international business as they continue to hold their ground against the global streamers.

  • Quebec broadcasters
    Quebec broadcasters

    Content chiefs from Radio-Canada and Quebecor Content outline their development agendas and commissioning and acquisitions strategies for their terrestrial channels over the next 12-18 months. We hear how they are changing and adapting priorities in a post 2020 world, what are the pressures they are dealing with and how are they solving them. What are they looking for from both the domestic market as well as opportunities for the international market.

  • Keynote interview: Xavier Dolan
    Keynote interview: Xavier Dolan

    In this keynote interview we hear from Dolan about how he has navigated his career to date, his move from film into tv, how he balances he various different roles, his influences and inspirations and what’s in store next with his new series and longer term future ambitions.

  • International Formats Gold Award: Anette Rømer, formats consultant, STV Production
    International Formats Gold Award: Anette Rømer, formats consultant, STV Production

    On the occasion of her receiving the International Formats Gold Award, Anette Rømer tells Ed Waller about her distinguished career in formats, the state of the business and the challenges yet to come. Produced by C21 in association with FRAPA, EMC and MipFormats.


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