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Wesbite was the first digital platform in the sector (launched in 2000) and has spent the past two decades building a global audience up to 200,000 uniques per month.


The website carries more exclusive news and in-depth features than all the other TV trades combined, in any one week publishing hundreds of exclusive stories specifically about the creation, production, distribution and playout of television programming.

Our news is unrivalled and our longform analysis is contained within a series of departments which put the global content business in perspective.

With the most experienced editorial team in the business publishes written, audio and video content, alongside the world’s most significant digital screenings marketplace.


• Video spots in the C21 Homepage Carousel
• Top ‘letterbox’ banners
• Side ‘hotspot’ banners
• Side ‘skyscraper’ banners
• ‘Big box’ banners
• ‘Storyboard’ banners in each news story
• Homepage text advertising

Harness the power of the world’s most powerful content business community

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Video spots in the C21 Homepage Carousel

A trailer/promo video in the player at the top of’s homepage, includes up to 80 words of descriptive copy. Upgrade to a C21 Digital Screenings Suite for even more exposure!

Mechanical specs
Video spec: output 1280×720 pixels minimum in mp4 or mov, H.264
Image spec: A static jpeg at 620 pixels wide by 348 pixels high


Letterbox, Hotspot, and Skyscraper homepage banners

Banners available in varying sizes flanking the headline news on’s homepage.

Mechanical specs
Top ‘letterbox’ banner: An ambient gif at 460 pixels wide by 80 high
Side hotspot: An ambient gif at 140 pixels wide by 80 high
Maximum file size 40KB
Skyscraper banners: An ambient gif at 140 pixels wide by 265 high
Maximum file size 100KB


Big Box banner

Large banner on homepage. 1 only available.

Mechanical specs
A static jpeg at 300 pixels wide by 345 pixels high
Maximum file size 100KB