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Bruno Felix

Bruno Felix
Pitching: Max

What is the biggest issue facing the animation industry right now?
The real challenge is always the same: developing great stories that kids will fall in love with and that will capture their imaginations. Of course, the industry and the context in which you work is always changing, and currently this context is even more dynamic than it was before. But kids don’t care, so we try to keep focused on fresh and original stories that kids today can relate to.

What is your company doing in response to this?
We have always loved to create originals, but they are getting harder to finance. Therefore, we have expanded our slate to include proven IP that fits neatly with our strategy for originals, which have heart, soul and an original voice. For us, it is always vital to find an art direction that not only feels unique but also tells the story as faithfully as possible. So while we have adapted our development strategy, we have maintained the values of our studio.

How do you see the rise of the metaverse impacting animation?
I don’t have a crystal ball so I have a hard time giving predictions, but I like the fact that the concept of the metaverse is supporting the concept of visual storytelling. This is already central to our industry but, with bigger, more general platforms for communication and information getting more visual too, it will attract a larger group of people wanting to explore and develop their talents as visual creatives, as well as users and consumers enhancing their skills. It is a natural progression of what has been happening for a long time and it will increase the relevance of the skills we have built in our industry.

How do you work with YouTube Kids and is it a platform that supports high-quality animation producers?
We have not worked with YouTube Kids, but I follow their success stories with interest. It is a platform that is driven by the sensitivities of user demands more than any other. This in itself can be very valuable as a way of learning more about audiences, which they seem to translate into content that is highly appreciated by kids.

Tell us about the project you are pitching at Cartoon Forum.
Max (52×7′) follows a little kitten who explores his world with fearless curiosity, much like the preschoolers who will be watching at home. But Max is cat and not a kid, so his perspective on our world takes us to places that are as surprising as they are hilarious for our young viewers. It is based on the New York Times bestselling book series Max the Brave by Ed Vere, who is helping to develop what we hope will become an iconic show. Max feels like an original and undeniably loveable character, and Ed’s unique illustration style translates brilliantly to screen. We hope Max will have universal appeal and are hoping to find a broadcast or streaming home that loves Max as much as we do.


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