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Bomb Girls land in Netherlands

The distribution side of Muse Entertainment has sold its fledgling drama Bomb Girls into the Netherlands and the Balkans following its recent second-season order from Canada’s Global TV.

The Canadian firm, which coproduces Bomb Girls with Back Alley Films, has sold the wartime drama to Dutch pay outlet Cello and, through local distributor Dragon Petrovic’s Visionary Thinking shop, into Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Muse distributes the series to the world with an assist from RHI Entertainment in a few, unspecified territories.

A sale to Italy also seems like a safe bet, says director of international sales Lanni Frankel, as the cast includes Canadian-Italian heartthrob Antonio Cupo, known in Canada for his work in soap operas. Muse started getting letters from Cupo’s fans when it emerged he had been cast in Bomb Girls.

“So we like to keep him with his shirt off in the series,” says Frankel.

Bomb Girls debuted on Global last month and quickly scored a renewal. Its combined seasons will add up to 18 one-hour episodes. Muse this month also landed a third-season order from SyFy for its version of Being Human.

The series is set in a Canadian munitions factory in the early days of the Second World War, when the former colony was doing much to help the hard-pressed UK.

But despite its noticeable Anglo-Canadian pedigree, the series is well positioned for further sales, claims Frankel. This is because of an increased overall demand for female-driven drama and because working in such factories was a shared experience for women worldwide – including US president Barack Obama’s grandmother, who worked at a Boeing plant in Kansas.

Drama these days needs to be “female-driven or action galore” says Frankel, and it’s easier to do the former on a budget.








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