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Be Entertainment to Make Belgium Great

Be Entertainment, the distribution arm of Belgian broadcaster Medialaan, has picked up a new format that aims to improve a country’s society, ahead of its debut this week.

Make Belgium Great Again will air on Medialaan-owned Belgian network VTM on Tuesday night fronted by the FC Panache team behind hidden-camera show Sorry voor alles (Sorry About That), which airs on Een.

The group has been taking on a series of challenges of varying size and seriousness to try to improve the country.

Each episode features three kinds of mission – personal, societal and community – to tackle problems such as food waste and plastic consumption, as well as less serious topics.

Be Entertainment will represent the format internationally, with many of the mission suitable to be recreated in any country around the world. It will join the company’s catalogue in time for Mipcom in Cannes next month.

Be Entertainment MD Gepke Nederlof said: “Once in a while a format comes along that’s just so positive, creative and inspiring that you’re proud to be part of introducing it to the rest of the world. Imagine if we were able to create some kind of change just by bringing a format to other countries, even if it’s just a tiny change.”


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