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BBC4 scares up Gatiss, Capaldi ghost story

Peter Capaldi in period ghost tale Martin’s Close

The UK’s BBC4 has ordered one-off TV specials including a Christmas drama by Sherlock and Dracula scribe Mark Gatiss and starring Peter Capaldi.

Capaldi (Doctor Who) takes the lead in Martin’s Close (1×30′) airing this Christmas. Based on MR James’ eponymous ghost story set in 1684, in centres on a man on trial for the murder of a girl who is seen after her supposed death.

Gatiss, who together with Sherlock co-writer Steven Moffatt, has recently wrapped upcoming BBC/Netflix copro Dracula, adapted and directed the standalone drama. Made by Can Do Productions with Adorable Media, it is produced by Isibeal Ballance with Ben Irving exec producing.

Also new for BBC4 is a ‘slow TV’ one-off factual special telling the story of a typical day in the life of an Inuit hunter in Greenland, called The Last Igloo (1×90′).

Examining the hunter’s life and the igloos Inuits build for shelter in the wilderness, the film serves as an elegy to climate change and the fact Greenland’s ice sheet is vanishing four times faster now than in 2003.

The Last Igloo comes from Swan Films and was produced, filmed and directed by Christian Collerton. Executive Producers are Neil Crombie and Joe Evans.



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