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BBC2 exposes tiger trafficking

Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers is fronted by Aldo Kane

BBC2 in the UK is preparing to air a one-hour documentary from Grain Media that investigates illegal tiger farms in South-East Asia.

Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers sees former Royal Marines commando Aldo Kane expose the shocking secrets of the illegal tiger trade in the region and those who profit.

It is estimated 95% of the world’s wild tigers have disappeared since the turn of the 20th century, according to environmental bodies the EIA and WWF.

With fewer than 4,000 tigers left in the wild, Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers also highlights the plight of a species on the brink of extinction. It explores how tiger farms continue to drive consumer demand for tiger products, perpetuating the illegal trade and fuelling poaching.

There are as many as 8,000 tigers held in captive facilities across China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, according to the EIA/WWF.

Captive tigers are often bred and trafficked to meet demand for illegal products like tiger bone wine and tiger bone glue, which are believed by some people in parts of Asia to have medicinal values.

BBC2 controller Patrick Holland said: “This is a powerful and urgent film revealing the shocking scale and devastating consequences of the trade in captive tigers. Aldo and the team have shown remarkable bravery and tenacity to reveal the depths of the issue. It is an imperative part of BBC2’s mission to bring such compelling filmmaking about the changing planet to the broadest audience.”

The executive producer at Grain Media is Monica Garnsey and the executive producer at the BBC is Roger Webb. Laura Warner is the director of the doc, which was commissioned by Holland. Tom Coveney is the commissioning editor.


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