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BBC2 brings up baby chimp series

BBC Studios Natural History Unit’s upcoming Baby Chimp Rescue

BBC2 in the UK has commissioned a three-part series that will look at life in a home for orphaned baby chimpanzees.

Baby Chimp Rescue (3×60′) is made by BBC Studios Natural History Unit and was commissioned by Patrick Holland, controller of BBC2. The commissioning editor is Emeka Onono and executive producer is Jo Shinner.

Run by wildlife vet Jimmy Desmond and his wife Jenny, the home for orphaned baby chimpanzees started with two rescued baby chimps saved from the illegal pet trade and is now populated by 21 orphans.

The chimps run riot around the compound they share with a pack of adopted dogs, as they learn to play with their new adopted siblings.

Many of the rescued chimp babies lost their mothers before they were able to learn key skills and will not be able to return to the wild.

Professor Ben Garrod, evolutionary biologist and conservationist, will help Jimmy and Jenny teach the chimps vital life lessons such as climbing, foraging for food and recognising danger.

Garrod said: “We are in a global crisis of climate change and biodiversity loss, and with everything seeming like an ecological uphill struggle, the story of the Desmonds battling to save our closest living relatives is a much needed good-news story. If we can save Max, Bui and their relatives, then it gives us hope for the future of countless other species, including ourselves.”


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