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BBC2 applies for Universal Credit

UK pubcaster BBC2 has commissioned a three-part current affairs series called Universal Credit, which will explore the benefits scheme of the same name.

Patrick Holland

The series will provide behind-the-scenes access to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and examine the UK government’s welfare reform throughout 2019 as the DWP embarks on the next phase of the controversial Universal Credit.

It will document how the secretary of state, senior civil servants and job centre ‘work coaches’ set about the challenge of reforming and implementing the system.

Filmed across the UK, Universal Credit will also chart the personal stories of claimants and their families, as well as highlighting the local authorities, advice agencies and charities supporting them. The programme aims to unearth the strengths and limitations of the new system and understand its impact.

BBC2 controller Patrick Holland said: “It’s a hugely important time to be exploring the complexities of the debate around Universal Credit.”

BBC Current Affairs head Joanna Carr added: “In this series, BBC Current Affairs will inform and deepen the national conversation around a substantial policy debate affecting millions.”

Universal Credit is a BBC Current Affairs production that will air in the autumn. The series director is Chris McLaughlin and the series producer is Tom Swingler. Sarah Waldron is executive producing the programme.


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