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BBC1 moves into MY House

UK pubcaster BBC1 has commissioned a primetime guessing game entertainment format created by Richard Bacon and Nick Weidenfeld.

Stacey Dooley

Produced by Tim Hincks and Peter Fincham’s London-based Expectation, This is MY House sees four people walk into a home and try to convince a panel of celebrity judges that the home is theirs.

Only one of the people is telling the truth and it is up to the judges to decide who is the honest homeowner and who are the imposters.

TV personality and journalist Stacey Dooley will host the 6×60’ series, which will debut on BBC1 in 2021.

Bacon said: “This Is MY House is a gameshow with only one contestant – the homeowner. To win all they have to do is prove ‘This is MY House’ but it’s not that simple. Three actors will turn up, steal the contestant’s name and claim that the house and everything in it belongs to them. They all have competing stories. Our judges have one job – to uncover the truth. It couldn’t be easier. Right?”

The UK pubcaster has also today greenlit a 1×30’ comedy entertainment special for its online-only channel BBC3.

Bamous is from Spirit Studios and John’s Boy Entertainment, hosted by award-winning comedian Dane Baptiste, and centres around the mythical NASBLAQ – a stock index for diverse talent which determines which of them are allowed up and down the ladder of fame and success at any one time.

In this satirical new pilot for BBC3, Dane and his assembled cast will try and figure out how the NASBLAQ works and how black talent can get to the top of it.


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