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BBC returns Rare TV series

Docuseries Mountain Vets

The BBC has recommissioned two docuseries, Mountain Vets and Tagged: Life On Lockdown, from UK indie factual prodco Rare TV.

Mountain Vets (6×30’) will be returning to BBC2 for a second season. The docuseries is set in Northern Ireland’s ancient Mourne Mountains, where animals outnumber people by 10 to one. The six-part series revisits the rural vets, nurses and stable hands who work to look after the region’s animals.

The series is produced by Francis Baker and Rare TV’s Rory Wheeler and Edward Hart.

BBC3 has picked up Tagged: Life On Lockdown for a second run. The docuseries follows the lives of three young people who have been ordered to wear electronic tags. The new season is currently being filmed in Liverpool and sheds light on what life is like under a constant curfew.

Joshua Haddow is directing the series, which is produced by Jen Kerrison and executive produced by Rory Wheeler and Emma Barker for Rare TV.

The two docuseries are among a number of Rare TV titles to air in the coming months, including season eight of BBC4’s Digging For Britain, the ninth season of BBC1’s Fake Britain and Channel 4’s Christmas special Chitty Flies Again with David Walliams (working title).


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